log poetry...prose commentary


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer Sonnet for Carrie

water broken, he purchased a new car
oppression breaks as lovers drive away

girls dress-up, dreaming of eternity
boy, meanwhile, climbs hills, muddy banks, and trees
while eighteen hundred head-stones remind that
life’s fast fragile hours are precious and hard

hometowns and birthplaces are not the same
fireworks and sunset over the city
holding her interest and her body
boy and nashville comfort abroad and here

flying saucers unite friends for fun times
inside bars and out at Percy-Warner

a lazy day to consume film and food
walk through a hotel where we do not sleep

unplanned time with friends full of trivia
prelude to summer’s end celebration

naked african walls covered in beans
wooden sticks covered with angelic love
on campus he hears brotherhood arrive
test in one hand, pizza in the other

lovers separate for bro and girl time
anticipate reunion in two days
hey, there is treasure back here...crash...dang it

love ends another fight to understand
awkwardness dissolves like fruit dip and tea

eliptical dancing living loving
cranium game we thought was eternal
ends with mediocre food and music

less scary than Willy Wonka’s office
whimsical holes and staples intrigue us
we wander ‘tween canvas...“such is mango!”

smokey green wave
laps around look rock while
shipwrecked sailors cease calls for help to kiss

hit the road, stop, look at a map, truck on
McGill, Best Prize Fighter in the Nation

a run in with the rose festival queen
lights darkness where we don’t communicate

robert and annie are married today!
carrie catches bouquet and disclaimers

depart anxious for familiar mattress
Mimi and mom’s inquisition awaits
along with a letter long overdue
our quest for friendship does not end at home
but with more friends and a revolution