log poetry...prose commentary


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oh Paletaman

Oh Paletaman

August is dying
in sunlight of gold
two million
every eye holds

but not mine
not my eyes

it’s stuck on my tongue
stuck on my mang-
os Paletaman
oh Paletaman

frozen tangles

of frozen mangos

frozen to my skin


oh Paletaman

August is dying
in sunlight of gold

two million


holds every eye

except the girl beside
except the girl beside

she’s stuck on my tongue
stuck on my mang-
os Paletaman
oh Paletaman

go down to the river

under the bridge

bring up some water

set me free

oh Paletaman

river reflection #2 (the next summer)

i am
valley of dry stones
once smoothed
moved and
by spring waves
of rain
now scorched and
by summer-sun heat
by long days of
long drought of doubt
of anxiousness to
do what they really can't
(get up and move)
but what can
only be done
to them
or rather,
to us
or to me
i am
a valley (river made)
of stones (river laid)
and we
will not passively
but rather,
for new rain
to unite us
to unite me
under old and new
for we are more than
a valley of isolated stones
in truth,
we are a river's bed waiting

Sunday, August 13, 2006

smell #810

compulsively painting new skin
on old beach house pickets and rails

obsessively scrubbing new paint and old skin

(both unwanted)
off my own fingers and nails

citrus squeeze
of soap foam
into hands

citrus squeeze
of soap smell
into nose

seven summers
ago...i go
into mind

i mow
i mow until
wilted grass
grows on sweat river banks
between leg hair reeds

not the scent of grass

(just cut)
not my odor
nor gasoline
enclosed in my truck

but rather
another liquid
in another reservoir
in my 80's Jimmy of 90's
unites it's era
to this one...

Fierce Melon Gatorade
contains some same
artificial flavor-aid
as Dawn Direct Foam
Citrus Kick soap

the connection recognized
i dry my hands
and return
outside labor
of hands

to same summer sun
seven years further burned
into eyes
into nose
into mind

i have grown old
but i
(like memories)
cannot escape
the remembrance rays

what will i find today
forcing sweaty paint and
grass-stained hands
into ice
into chest?

Friday, August 04, 2006

To Whom it May Concern

(a cover letter in free verse)

Me: the eager applicant for Oak Springs Elementary
Program Manager position

You: hirer for - Oak Springs Elementary
Program Manager position

See attached resume

See my elementary experience and know I am no novice
At this: caring for kids

See my counseling of college students
See my after school
Program management

See my Leadership Development degree
But most importantly:

See me.

See past my adequate written qualifications
See how hard my heart beats
It beats to give to (and not up on)

Whose hearts are hard from beatings
From neglect, From hunger, From pessimism,
From “you can’ts” and “you don’t haves” and “you ain’ts”

My heart believes kids are (valuable/capable)
My heart believes kids can (hope/grow/laugh/succeed/do anything)
My heart believes kids have (dreams/potential)

My heart beats
Let my eyes see
Let my hands meet needs
Let my empathetic ears hear grief
Let my encouraging mouth speak my belief

See me…in an interview, please.


Matt Graham