log poetry...prose commentary


Thursday, January 25, 2007


(painting by faith)

you are all, all
too distant to be

like negligent fathers
strangling their only Sun
you left-handed ones
entomb him
while you wise ones await
him, star
rising in the East

the night chases him away
in silent loudness
of orange where you laud him
and purple where you

bruise him black because…

do you loath because
like me
you can never touch him?

well, I can’t ever touch you and
it is you
i chase
each time I run

you evade
at precisely
the same rate
i pursue

always moving
you are everyplace
one at a time
sometimes in sight
but never where
i am
until where
i am is where
i was

i feel for all of you
what you must feel
for the Sun

seems to me
you meet him
every evening
and morn

but you don’t

seems to me that
i will never reach
you horizons toward whom
i run

but I do

do, at least,
attain to my destinations
for my heading is set
to their constant coordinates
not your fickle false ones

your only consistencies:

you’re gone
on my arriving

you’re always
far as the eye can see

and it is for this distance
i do not fear
any of you
by my boasting

for my voice dissipates
in the space-

falls splashless
in the ocean-

between us

i hear my mother calling

and run not-
to the homeless horizon of her voice
but rather
to the soulplace

that is she

receives me not-
as star untouchable

but as a daytrip heart
come home

Monday, January 15, 2007

Psalm at (to) the Sea

your curves: too numerous
for regimental organization
yet marching step-less
to every horizon

your sound (your only sound):
hushes my mind as i
lay on top of you

your motion: a lullaby
beckoning my body
to stillness

if i wake and
attempt walking over
any inch
of your skin-

(especially the deep
cold parts where
your secret blues become
bruised black darkness)

-you knock me down
drown me with
lung-fulls of you
swallow me whole

if empowered to
remove your lethal attributes
with a touch of my toe
i would cut off my feet

for i desire not
to change you approachable
but rather to know
and approach without accessories
to make you accessible-safe

i want to touch your all-
with my nakedness

(though your deadly mysteries
and horrific wonders
overwhelm my
small humanity
unto death)