log poetry...prose commentary


Thursday, June 29, 2006

all together alone

let me be
all alone together
with you
and you are...who?
(on desperate days)

in the city

(we've changed into)


and we are...what?


all together alone

let me be

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday PLANS (in Seuss)

what? oh what

did i tonight?

i can not

will not

tell a lie

i did NOT ride the London Eye

was NOT strolling

'long the Thames

i was NOT Cathedralling

late night hymns

NOT on a bus

(two deckers tall)

NOT shakin' clubs

(from wall to wall)

nor in the pub

my pounds all spent

my ticket stub

tells where I went

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Written Prayer

Creator God
thank you for written word
spoken y despues created
in tangible form
poetry-the gift of speech
made physical
-metaphor for You,
the Christ
God incarnate
flesh and alive
among men

Subway to St. Paul's

he strums his pipe organ
head down
determined to dine
on more than
poetic icons
on walls reverberating
emo trumpet dirge like
an army of souls of
reverberating off St. Paul's
each voice singing:

"soon, soon i will climb
from this blackened earth
into the diffident light."

calls me "blackbird...
singing in the dead of night..."

Palmer's Lodge

you teach me the secret of contentment
as London calls for going and coming
and going and moving and doing
you are my Victorian victory
quietly triumphant
over restlessness
you give me rest
in just right chairs
in a cup of tea
in A Wrinkle in Time
in the only London you let touch me...
a soothing cool wind
through your open windows

Sunday, June 25, 2006

transit authority (in two parts)

flat top cotton plains
shadowed by wings

of silver plane

pierced from below by

fairy-tale castles white

snow made mountains
i sight i magine my flight

is not a number but

MY FLIGHT o'er this

imagined Middle Earth

between familiar earth

and outer space

for five and twenty days

this road of sky

is my home...my place

to dream

to be

to write

to read

refuse the call to do


all that London says i can...

too busy tour-guiding

those compelled the fear

of missing sights

to believe

in who

i am

and beneath
cities in sky
not up
nor out
at real steel
and glass
of blues
of Hemingway
of Big Sweaty Men
and the sea-called-Lake
i look out
at sunset
down at tops of tallest
buildings i've climbed-
-until now
i wait for darkness
for the Great Chicago Fire
of countless man-made lights
i ask "how did i get here?!"
it was the Blue-Line
train from O'Hare
it was directions
a bellman gave
it was onboard a plane
it was onboard fate
and it was
coming of age

Saturday, June 03, 2006

here lies sam

“ugliest dog in the world”
yet loved
by most beautiful
of all creatures…


here i am
“chief of ugly-hearted men”
yet loved
by Love
in whose image
were made

by Love

known in this


of ugly dogs